What's a Be?

Who Are You Be-ing By Wearing The Be?

Welcome to The Be, where we are dedicated to giving you both permission + encouragement to BE whoever you choose, in every single moment.

Our Be-ers are courageous dreamers who want to live well + do good.

By wearing The Be, you are declaring to yourself + to the world that you are consciously creating your be-ing on this amazing planet.

The Be represents what it means to be human: Spinning independently, yet surrounded and supported.  Strung together, inextricably linked - like you and those you love.

This jewelry is for conscious consumers who believe in what it means to be human - equality, oneness, the goodness in all.  By wearing these pieces they are telling the world that they taking a stand for humanity and acknowledging that we are all one - stronger together!

Behind the Be

"Working with Brett Lauren was "The Experience" we all desire. I gained knowledge, felt unity, was encouraged and was at peace with every bead I put on the string. It was my necessary "Me" time when my thoughts became clear. There should be more people like her in this world. She not only gave her time but shared her experiences and gifted me genuine support. I am blessed to have met such a phenomenal woman."
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"When I first heard about Brett coming to Oasis. I was excited to see how to make Jewelry. Working with Brett doesn't feel like working for her she made me feel like family."

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