People we need to thank

We, I, would not be here without the incredible "Village" of people who have generously and unselfishly supported me and this dream. I know it, I cherish it and I am beyond grateful...

My Mom and sister Alix.  in additional to unconditional love, Alix has an amazing eye and skill set that I turn to and rely on often.  Daddy, well, I hope you know...

My bonus family, Ren, Roseann and Uncle Steve.  Love you for so many reasons. 

Lisa, Katie, cousin Robin, Maggie (Tom, too) and Lee - first supporters and wearers, cheer-leaders and bull-shit callers.  Progress, not perfection!

Christina, Audrey, Elise, Leslie, Bridgett - you are some of the smartest and most inspiring ladies I know.  You have shared your knowledge, opened your hearts and your homes, all while growing your own amazing businesses and good-works. I am thankful every day to be invited into your worlds...check them out in the links below!

The Tomorrow Project and Oasis, Martha, Andrea, and Jen.  The world is a better place because of your compassion, insight and drive to elevate those less fortunate and remind us every day that we are all smart, ambitious, giving, loving and created equal.  Misses Wendy, Debra, Deborah, Sonia, Octavia, Jenny, Sonia, Nettie, Yomaly, Cathy, Lisa, Margot, Jeanine, Myra, Naumy...

Tracy, Robin, Sabina, Melissa, Kelly and all of my coaches and friends in SOS and PR.  I haven't always followed the rules, but wow...invaluable knowledge and support, and I know we will continue to grow and succeed based on your lessons and foundation - woohoo!  Yup, check out their links below ;-)

Michelle and Ali from SoulCamp who helped me tell our story and pull this new iteration together.

Tony David Photography for taking me back!

I know that there are SO MANY other people and if I have missed you by name, I'm so sorry.  This page and our story will continue to be a work in progress... 


True Geist

Oasis, A Haven for Women and Children

Flourish and Thrive

Sabina Hitchen

RedBoot Consulting

Soul Camp Creative

Tony David Photography

BoomBox Gifts (Best Gift Ever, Boom.)

Audrey Zona

E.A.T. End Allergies Together